Foreningens formål er at udsatte børn inkluderes i det sociale økonomiske liv på lige fod med andre børn. For på den måde at sikre, at de opnår adgang til uddannelse, sundhed og andre relevante serviceydelser i lokalsamfundet. På sigt vil børnene herigennem potentielt kunne opnå kompetencer og handlemuligheder, der sætter dem bedre i stand til at agere aktivt i deres lokalsamfund, blive en del af den lokale beslutningstagen, samt være bedre stillede til at kunne håndhæve deres rettigheder. 

Make Them Smile Kenya har købt grund i Kwale syd for Mombasa, Kenya, hvor der skal bygges et børnehjem for børn, der har boet på gaden uden forældre. Vi vil sætte fokus på børn, der har været udsat for vold, prostitution og stoffer. 

The children at Make Them Smile Kenya's orphanage will be aged from 3-18 years. We want to make a versatile sustainable

vegetable garden. Children must have experience of healthy eating and nutrition with their own help. They need to learn what a varied diet is and what is good for the body. We will focus on sustainability in the selection of materials for the construction of the buildings. In addition, the kitchen garden will help us fund the monthly budget for food.

When the children turn 18, we want to help them start a life on their own. This requires that we find housing, higher education and make sure they have money for food and lodging.

The ultimate goal is that by 2023, the orphanage will have to fully fund its operations.

Anyone who contributes a fixed monthly amount or a minimum amount of DKK 120 a year, and who agrees with the association's purpose and idea, is a member of the association.
Et medlem, som ikke respekterer nærværende vedtægter eller beslutninger, som er vedtaget på generalforsamlingen, kan af bestyrelsen eksluderes af foreningen.

Registration is done via the association's website or via e-mail contact the association:
Evt. udmeldelse sker ligeledes pr. mail.
The membership fee is min. 100, - kr. year (subject to change at the next general meeting)

Generalforsamlingen er foreningens højeste myndighed.

The Annual General Meeting is held once a year, the latest at the end of May and is notified by e-mail to all members at least 30 days before
The agenda for the Annual General Meeting must contain at least the following items:

  1. Choice of conductor
  2. The Board of Directors' report on the association's activities in the past year
  3. De reviderede regnskab forelægges til godkendes
  4. Any suggestions
  5. Setting the quota
  6. Election of Board of Directors and Deputy Directors
  7. Appointment of auditor / auditor
  8. Optionally

Proposals for consideration under item 4 of the agenda must be submitted to the Board of Directors by signature by name no later than 14 days before the general meeting.

Extraordinary General Meetings may be convened by the Board of Directors at fourteen days' notice and shall be held following a request made in writing to the Board of Directors stating the agenda of 3 members within four weeks of receiving such request.

All decisions at a general meeting are taken by a simple majority of votes. The legally inaugurated general meeting at all times is knowledgeable. Only members with a valid paid membership receipt can vote for the general meeting.
No one, as a member of the General Assembly, can represent more than one member.

Above what passed at the general meeting is a protocol signed by the chairman.

The association's leadership of a board of 3-7 members elected for 2 years at a time. At the first Annual General Meeting after the foundation, three members of the Board are elected. The order is found by lot.
The Board of Directors constitutes itself with the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.

The Board of Directors establishes its own rules of procedure and makes the decisions necessary for the operation of the association.
The association is obliged by the signature of two members of the board, one of whom must be chairman or vice-chairman.
However, when purchasing, pledging or selling real estate, a signature is required from the entire board. Individuals can be notified of attorneys.

The association is only liable for its obligations with the assets of the association at all times. There is no personal liability of the members or the board of the association.

The association's fiscal year is from January 1 to December 31. At each year's annual general meeting, next year's quota is set by the general meeting.

Auditing takes place once a year after the end of the financial year. Unannounced checkout can take place when the auditor so wishes.
Accounting and status must be endorsed with an audit report by the association's auditor.

The accounts presented at the Annual General Meeting shall not be audited but shall be reviewed by an elected critical appellate controller - a member of the organization.

The accounts for the collection board must be prepared by an auditor.

Amendments to these statutes require that 2/3 of the association's members vote in favor. If 2/3 of the members of the association are not present, the Board of Directors may convene an Extraordinary General Meeting, which may not be held until 3 weeks after.
The call must state the proposal. At the new general meeting, the amendment to the articles of association can be adopted by 2/3 of the represented votes.
PCS. 1 also applies to the dissolution of the association.

At the dissolution of the association, all values ​​accrue to the orphanage in Kwale, Kenya, and an appropriate stable organization or person must be found to take care of the operation and responsibility of all children associated with the orphanage.
If this does not exist, a corresponding organization / NGO is appointed instead, which is appointed by the board which dissolves the association.
No individual can take over values ​​from the organization

Approved by the Board of Directors on 17/03 2017.

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