Make Them Smile Kenya's overall goal with the orphanage is for vulnerable children to be included in social economic life on an equal footing with other children. In order to ensure that they gain access to education, health and other relevant services in the local community. In the long term, children will thus be able to potentially gain competences and opportunities to enable them to act actively in their communities, become part of local decision-making, and be better placed to enforce their rights.


We bought an acre of land and the fence is built. The orphanage's start-up will be started during 2019. There will be 10 boys and 10 girls at home, as well as two educators and a maid.


The orphanage's location is 30 minutes from one of Diani Beach's popular beaches and close to the Shimba Hills National Park. Most importantly, a local school, church and high school are only 2 km from the site. This allows the children to socialize with the locals, which we attach great importance to.

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